Galerie Heidi Bogner
  Philosophy & Vita

My Philosophy:

„Art sweeps away the dust from the soul“. (Picasso)
It is this positive appearance that my artwork creates with its intense colours, with its dynamic brushstrokes and its sensual shapes.
I experienced, felt and saw all of them, then I transformed them - using my own personal artistic expression. If you move closer to my paintings, they’ll become alive, they’ll come awake and will start acting like people who invite you to communicate. But these paintings are not merely ment to be beautiful, they are expressive and spontaneous. Painted lemons appear to be „lemon-like“ - sour, tulips appear in full , empty bottles appear to be alive, light and dark, they are merging in the painting and are coming to life.

My favourite technique is working on canvas with oil and acrylic colours. Complementary colours result in areas full of light, which are drawn with my typical lines. These lines are intentionally not drawn as if I had used a ruler, but painted, scraped, filled or smoothly put on with a brush. They are all moving in organic, round forms, and are thereby creating a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Shapes and colours form a unity. In the painting, they are creating spaces laden with energy. They are spontaneous, impulsive. They want to be seen and experienced by YOU! They are glowing from the inside. None of the colours of my paintings would appear e.g. in a photo.