Art sweeps away the dust from the soul. (Picasso)

It is this positive appearance that my artwork creates with its intense colours, with its dynamic brushstrokes and its sensual shapes.

I experienced, felt and saw all of them, then I transformed them - using my own personal artistic expression. If you move closer to my paintings, they’ll become alive, they’ll come awake and will start acting like people who invite you to communicate. But these paintings are not merely ment to be beautiful, they are expressive and spontaneous. Painted lemons appear to be „lemon-like“ - sour, tulips appear in full , empty bottles appear to be alive, light and dark, they are merging in the painting and are coming to life

Art Vita und Exhibitions:

*1961 in Traben-Trarbach. Study of Design (FH Trier), Diploma degree
1985 Designer in an agency in Berlin
1986 Self-employed designer in Berlin
since 1987 Free art painter in Traben-Trarbach with own arts galerie

Various exhibitions in France, Austria, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Czechia. Permanent art exhibition in the gallery.

1984 FH Trier
1987 Berlin and Traben-Trarbach
1990 Leiwen and Zeltingen
1991 Bonn and Idar-Oberstein
1992 Wangen/Switzerland and Bernkastel-Kues
1993 Karlovy Vary
1997 Wittlich
1998 Sohren and Prüm
1999 Kempen and Frankfurt
2000 Kues, Trier, Prüm and Frankfurt
2001 Enkirch, Wittlich, Lieser, Traben-Trarbach, Minden, Frankfurt and Luxemburg
2002 Lellingen, Luxembourg, Petange, Traben-Trarbach, Boppard, Minden, Wittlich, Paris, Oberlech/Arlberg, Enkirch, Darscheid, Petange
2003 Wittlich, Lieser, Minden, Austria Oberlech/Arlberg Lellingen, Villeneuve- La-Guyard, Idar-Oberstein Luxembourg Ensch and Traben-Trarbach
2004 Trier, Mainz
2005 Trier, Enkirch and Traben-Trarbach
2006 Zell and Zeltingen
2007 Bernkastel Kues, Luxemburg and Enkirch
2008 Wolf
2009 Berlin, Bonn and Luxemburg
2010 Berlin, Leiwen, Zell and Bonn
2011 Nittel, Zell, Trier, Dernbach und Luxemburg
since 2015 Yearly art exhibition during the christmas market Traben-Trarbach in wine cellar 4
2017 Großer Kunstsalon Tuchfabrik (TuFa) Trier
2018 Bestensee
2019 Trier and Cochem
2020 Moseltherme (Moselle spa) Traben-Trarbach