Barrel pieces

Designs of bottles and wine glasses on the oak planks of aged wine barrels are the timeless symbiosis between an optical jewel and the enjoyment of a good wine

I have been a barrel

The barrel pieces served their original function as part of the white wine barrels, which were mostly stored in the cellar by the winegrowers for over 100 years. Every year for the grape harvest they were filled with the new vintage Moselle wine. After the wine was bottled, the barrels had to be cleaned thoroughly with water, and from the outside they were treated with oil to remain tight. The barrels were the focus of work for winemakers and cooperers from all over the region. A cultural asset that is worth preserving.

Barrel Pieces for sale

Prices include packaging and shipping. If you are interested, call me or write me an EMail.Thank you!

FB-01: 25x44cm (G) 130€
FB-02: 12x82cm (SW) 99€
FB-03: 9,5x78cm 99€
FB-04: 7x79cm (A) 99€
FB-05: 5x42cm 79€
FB-06: 2x 7x88cm (SWG) 169€
FB-07: 5x55cm (B) 79€
FB-08: 2x 5,5x50 cm (SW) Gesamt 110€
FB-09: 7x60cm 99€
FB-10: 8x35cm 79€
FB-11: 9x37cm (HB) 49€
FB-12: 10x45cm (HR) 79€